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    All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST). All preschool programs are rated TV-Y, except where otherwise listed. Learn more about our TV Ratings.

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    TV Ratings

    Universal Kids is proud to let you know that all of our preschool programs are rated TV-Y. This means that they are appropriate for all children. Universal Kids Preschool airs every day from 3am-6pm.

    Whether animated or live-action, Universal Kids Preschool has themes and elements designed in these programs specifically for a very young audience, including children ages 2 through 5.

    Our Universal Kids programming is designed for an older audience that includes children ages 6 through 11. You can watch Universal Kids starting at 6pm every night!

    Universal Kids is committed to ensuring a safe entertainment for your children, and encourages grown-ups to take an active role in monitoring children's TV viewing.

    For more information on the television rating system and parental controls, check out the following links:

    FCC Parents' Place - A guide for parents regarding family-friendly entertainment, television ratings, V-chip controls, and related subjects. - A definitive explanation to help you understand exactly what TV ratings mean. - The cable industry's resource page on family-friendly programs, parental controls, the TV ratings system, and more.