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    Watercolor Names

    Maya The Bee

    From the show

    Maya The Bee

    Let's paint with Maya the Bee! With a little salt and paint, you can make a watercolor version of your name!

    TAGS: 4-5 Craft

    What You´ll Need

    • Glue
    • Table Salt
    • Liquid Watercolors
    • Paint brush
    • Card stock or thin cardboard
    • Tray
    • Marker


    1. Gather all materials.

    2. Have a grown up print your name on the card stock and trace over the letters with glue.

    3. Place the name card into a tray to contain any messes.

    4. Completely cover the glue with salt. Shake the tray back and forth to make sure all of the glue is covered.

    5. Lift the the card stock and tap away excess salt into the tray.

    6. Put the water colors in containers of your choice.

    7. Let the watercolors drop off of the brush and onto the salt.