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    Snake Craft

    From the show

    Slither this way to make your own paper plate snake!

    TAGS: 4-5 Craft

    What You´ll Need

    • Paper plate
    • Red construction paper
    • Purple paint
    • Bubble paper
    • Googly eyes
    • Paintbrush


    1. Gather everything you need.

    2. Use the paintbrush to apply purple paint to the bubble paper

    3. While the paint is still wet, use the bubble paper like a stamp to print “scales” on the paper plate. Let it dry!

    4. Starting at an outside edge, cut the plate into a spiral shape with a round head in the middle.

    5. Cut a forked tongue out of the red construction paper, and glue it to the underside of the snake’s head.

    6. Glue on the googly eyes!