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    Sandy Numbers

    The Good Night Show

    From the show

    The Good Night Show

    Make sandy numbers with Star!

    TAGS: 2-3 Craft

    What You´ll Need

    • Index cards
    • Sand
    • Marker
    • Glue
    • Star stickers
    • Tray


    1. Gather all materials.

    2. Write numbers on each index card.

    3. Put the corresponding number of stars on the other side of each card. For example, if you wrote ‘3’ on one side, put 3 stickers on the other side.

    4. Flip the cards over so the numbers are face up. Put the cards into the tray and trace over the numbers with glue.

    5. Pour sand over the top of the glue.

    6. Once the glue is dry, tap the index card against the tray to get rid of loose sand.

    7. Now you can practice counting!



    The Good Night Show