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    Magnetic Crane Craft

    From the show

    Pick up some knowledge about magnets with this Crane Craft!

    TAGS: 4-5 Craft

    What You´ll Need

    • Empty long tissue box
    • Cardboard wrapping paper tube
    • String
    • Magnets
    • Black and yellow construction paper
    • Piece of scrap cardboard
    • Glue stick or tape
    • Black marker
    • Scissors
    • Yellow paint
    • Paint brush
    • Paper clips 


    1. Gather all materials.

    2. Paint the tissue box and wrapping paper tube yellow. Let them dry.

    3. Cut 1 hole low on the short side of the tissue box for the tube to fit through. Slide the tube through the hole keeping the tube at an angle.

    4. Use a scrap rectangular piece of cardboard to glue on top of the box to help keep the tube in place.

    5. Take a piece of string that is longer than the cardboard tube and attach a magnet to one end with tape or glue. Then, slide through the tube.

    6. Next, cut 2 skinny long ovals out of black paper and 2 smaller skinny ovals out of yellow paper. Glue the yellow pieces on top of the black pieces and attach to the bottom half of the shoebox on either side. These will become the tracks.

    7. To operate the crane, slide the string up and down to pick up metal objects like paper clips!