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    Exercise Your Kindness Box

    Keep track of your kind acts by writing them down and putting them in this Kindness Box!

    TAGS: 4-5 Craft

    What You´ll Need


    1. Gather all materials. You can make this box whatever size you want. We decided to make ours 3 inches wide, and two inches high. If you choose to make a different size box, just change the numbers in these instructions to fit your new size.

    2. Take a piece of construction paper and using the ruler and pencil, measure two inches up from the bottom, and draw a horizontal line. From there, alternate drawing three inch and two inch sections until you have three two inch sections, and two three inch sections.

    3. On the bottom of the construction paper, measure a three inch section, and mark both ends. Draw two vertical lines up the piece of construction paper on each of the marked ends.

    4. Take one of the squares, and measure two inches off of the vertical lines on either side. Draw two new vertical lines to mark these sections.

    5. Cut out the body of the box you just drew.

    6. Fold along each line so that each panel is facing inward.

    7. Turn the paper over, and decorate the box with whatever you want! You can cut out the Sprout Characters from the characters template and glue them to your box, too! Avoid gluing anything on the top end panel.

    8. Cut four small pieces of tape. Once your decorations are dry, flip the paper back over, fold the box back up, and tape the corners of the bottom four sides.

    9. Print out the kindness cards and write down your kind acts. Then keep the cards in your Sprout inspired box!