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    • Astroblast


      Astroblast follows a crew of space animals who run the Astroblast Space Station, the coolest hangout in the galaxy. Throughout their zany adventures, these animal friends show how to embrace differences, model positive relationships, and foster healthy habits to be out-of-this-world goodwill ambassadors.

      age 3+

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    • Caillou


      Four-year-old Caillou delights in the small wonders of the world around him and learns about life while doing so. Caillou’s growth experiences resonate with children similar to Caillou in age, and young viewers feel encouraged to imitate our little hero as they watch him go through various stages of development. Through Caillou's role-playing, young viewers are empowered beyond their years to try and discover new things.

      age 3+

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    • Clangers


      The series follows the Clanger family as they make discoveries, design inventions, problem solve, and welcome new visitors to their small, blue planet. Each episode emphasizes values such as kindness, collaboration, family, community, and recycling—­all of which are all relevant to both the Clangers' world and that of young children. The characters are excellent role models for kids who are interested in investigating, improvising, interpreting, inventing, and imagining.

      age 3+

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    • Dot.


      Dot. centers on a tech-savvy, confident 8-year-old girl who leaps into new adventures without abandon when something sparks her endless curiosity. Technology powers Dot’s endless curiosity about the real world: enabling playful discoveries with family, friends, and her “best dog” Scratch. Dot’s adventures model healthy tech habits for preschoolers, encouraging the use of tech to enhance play & exploration and help her learn even more about the real world around her. And after some searching and swiping, Dot always makes sure to unplug.

      age 4+

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    • Doozers


      Doozers features the fun and adventurous “Pod Squad” - Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex and Daisy Wheel. The four Doozer kids live at the edges of our world and right under our noses in the fantastical, modern and eco-friendly Doozer Creek. They’re green, they’re three inches tall, and they’re full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm. The series celebrates the spirit of being an innovator and inspires all kids to have an “I can do it” attitude. Doozers features a ground breaking design thinking curriculum, which is part of an overall STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) initiative.

      age 4+

      Learn more about Doozers at Common Sense Media

    • Floogals


      Every day, Fleeker, Flo, and Boomer embark an exciting mission of experimentation, learning, and discovery. As these tiny alien adventurers explore the “hooman” way of life, children learn how to confront and conquer everyday problems. The Floogals' adventures also empower children to better appreciate and understand the unique world around them. This on-screen engagement takes place just as children are beginning to explore their own environments.

      age 5+

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    • The Furchester Hotel

      The Furchester Hotel

      Follow Elmo and Cookie Monster to the Furchester Hotel (an almost world class hotel), where the Furchester-Fuzz Family is at your service solving problems for their colorful guests. This series promotes creative problem solving by modeling the behavior in an absurdly silly monster hotel. In each episode the Furchesters encourage children to solve problems creatively by working together, trying new ideas, and not giving up.

      age 3+

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    • Jungle Bunch

      Jungle Bunch

      The Jungle Bunch is a series of adventures, primarily intended for 6 to 12 year-old children, in which humor and friendly tenderness is omnipresent. The Jungle Bunch, led by Maurice, the penguin-tiger, assist animals throughout the jungle with their problems. The humor is visual and very physical while also situational and based on dialogue. Every episode is a pretext to develop a sitcom kind of situation around the heroes while naturally integrating adventure into the episode.

      age 6+

      Learn more about Jungle Bunch at Common Sense Media

    • Kody Kapow

      Kody Kapow

      While visiting his family’s village in China, 9-year-old Kody learns that he is next in line to become Village Defender! But he’ll have his hands full, with the evil Mogo Monkey No Go and his monkey minions causing plenty of chaos around town. Luckily, Kody has the help of his grandfather Master Li, his super-sleuth cousin Mei, and ‘fraidy-cat tiger Goji. They also have a secret weapon: the Sapphire Dragon, which they use to Kapower up into martial arts-style superheroes!

      age no_rating

      Learn more about Kody Kapow at Common Sense Media

    • Land Before Time

      Land Before Time

      The Land Before Time television series, based off the well-known movie series of the same name, follows the adventures of Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Spike, Petrie, Ruby, and Chomper in their Great Valley home. This diverse group of dinosaurs demonstrates to children just how strong the power of friendship can be. Despite their many differences, these companions find that working together and showing kindness towards one another is the best way to conquer adversity. Kids will love the engaging adventures, laugh at the humor of the classic characters, and benefit from the positive messages of courage, teamwork, and self-respect present in the series.

      age 4+

      Learn more about Land Before Time at Common Sense Media

    • Lily's Driftwood Bay

      Lily's Driftwood Bay

      Lily's Driftwood Bay follows the life of a five-year-old girl named Lily who lives with her Dad in a hut on the beach, across from Driftwood Bay. The series promotes making your own fun and uncovering unexpected adventures. The show has five learning goals: develop viewers’ multifaceted observational skills, model how imagination and creativity can inspire adventure, show how community is a resource, depict collaboration and teamwork skills, and communicate that many ideas are essential to solving problems and generating creative ideas. Lily also teaches kids about the importance of community, intergenerational relationships, and storytelling.

      age 4+

      Learn more about Lily's Driftwood Bay at Common Sense Media

    • Maya The Bee

      Maya The Bee

      Maya the Bee is an adventure comedy centered on Maya, a young bee filled with curiosity who loves to explore and discover the world. Maya and her best friend Willy love asking questions that will help them to uncover the mysteries that surround them. The series features entertaining content with lessons in biodiversity and nature protection.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Maya The Bee at Common Sense Media

    • Nina's World

      Nina's World

      Nina’s World tells the story of imaginative six-year-old Nina and her best friend Star as they explore Nina's vibrant and colorful neighborhood. Nina’s close relationship with her Abuelita (grandmother) and parents provides young viewers with the opportunity to explore family values and traditions. The series also emphasizes that communication is key to expressing thoughts and emotions. Each episode, children are exposed to Spanish words and phrases. Nina also introduces viewers to American Sign Language, which she is eager to learn so that she can better communicate with deaf friend Nico. Wherever Nina turns, she’s surrounded by interesting new discoveries, great friends, and the possibilities and wonder of her world. Just like Nina, viewers will be inspired to creativity capture the unique and happy moments in each and every day.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Nina's World at Common Sense Media

    • Noddy: Toyland Detective

      Noddy: Toyland Detective

      This series follows Noddy as he solves everyday mysteries in Toyland. With the help of his investigation kit and his “WhoWhatWhere” tablet, Detective Noddy discovers clues to solve the mysteries of Toyland and save the day! This mystery-based show models an investigative process to children while promoting kindness, perseverance, and everyday problem-solving skills.

      age 4+

      Learn more about Noddy: Toyland Detective at Common Sense Media

    • Noodle and Doodle

      Noodle and Doodle

      This series will encourage preschoolers' sense of creativity with its fun craft projects and kid-friendly recipes that families can try at home. From after-school snacks to full meals, the recipes are simple, healthy, and tailor-made for little helping hands. The art projects use common household supplies, so they're perfect for impromptu craft sessions.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Noodle and Doodle at Common Sense Media

    • Ranger Rob

      Ranger Rob

      This series takes children deep into the heart of Big Sky Park where they follow the adventures of Rob, a young park ranger. In every episode, he and his yeti friend, Stomper, embark on expeditions through the park, whether it’s to rescue a baby penguin, meet a mysterious woodland creature, or build a gigantic sand castle. Together they explore the importance of animals, family, friendship, and the great outdoors. Ranger Rob is a high-energy show, full of action, adventure, and real-life learning. Kids will love swinging on vines, snowboarding down slopes, and zip-lining through Big Sky Park with Ranger Rob.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Ranger Rob at Common Sense Media

    • Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave

      Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave

      This series follows best friends Ruff-Ruff, Tweet, and Dave on a day of adventure, discovery, and play. Each episode explores a broad range of early learning topics within themed adventures. The friends introduce viewers to new words, concepts, and simple numeracy through cognitive and symbolic learning. The series also nurtures viewers' knowledge and understanding of their physical, creative and mathematical world. Furthermore, the Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave second screen app allows viewers to become actively engaged with content and characters.

      age 4+

      Learn more about Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave at Common Sense Media

    • Sarah & Duck

      Sarah & Duck

      The series focuses on the quieter but more lucid side of childhood, including the day-to-day new experiences and lessons of growing up. No matter what they are doing, Sarah and Duck navigate their world with an infectious wonder and curiosity that will immerse viewers in their simple but exciting adventures.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Sarah & Duck at Common Sense Media

    • Space Racers

      Space Racers

      Produced in collaboration with NASA, Space Racers gives kids an in-depth look at how science helps us understand the cosmos. Young cadets will learn the power of scientific investigation and observation, the marvels of space exploration, and the importance of working together! With an emphasis on key aspects of the STEM curriculum, each episode taps in to children’s curiosity and interest in space, promoting the idea the space exploration helps us learn new things. The series also depicts scientific exploration as a highly collaborative process, encouraging teamwork and respect for others.

      age 5+

      Learn more about Space Racers at Common Sense Media

    • Sprout House

      Sprout House

      Sprout House is a cozy cottage sitting in a rooftop garden in the center of a bustling city. Carly, Snug and TJ spend every morning in Sprout House creating a musically infused interactive play date for preschool viewers. There are songs, games, crafts, playtime, special guests, and birthdays. Driven by music and familiar friends, Sprout House consists of short content that provides a home-base between Sprout programming. A destination for preschoolers, Sprout House is where a kid is always at home.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Sprout House at Common Sense Media

    • Stella and Sam

      Stella and Sam

      This series stars Stella and her younger brother Sam as they explore the wild spaces beyond their back porch. On their journeys, they share the joy of discovering life's biggest adventure of all: growing up! The series’ learning goals include social and emotional growth, positive citizenship, and divergent thinking.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Stella and Sam at Common Sense Media

    • Super Wings

      Super Wings

      Super Wings follows the adventures of an adorable jet plane named Jett who travels around the world delivering packages to children. As Jett and the Super Wings team zips around the globe helping those in need, the characters introduce young viewers to problem solving and cultural diversity. The Super Wings visit fifty-two cities in forty-five countries. These travels offer young viewers a glimpse of landscapes, languages, animals, food, clothing, games, music, and traditions that characterize different countries and cultures around the world.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Super Wings at Common Sense Media

    • Sydney Sailboat

      Sydney Sailboat

      Sydney Sailboat features a loveable family of boats, trawlers, and tugs whose adventures capture the wonder that young children feel. Each episode, Sydney and her best friend Zip set out to explore their nautical world and its unexpected challenges, problems, and crises. Sydney’s eager outlook and Zip’s determination are models for young viewers, as is their spirit of enthusiasm and curiosity.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Sydney Sailboat at Common Sense Media

    • Terrific Trucks

      Terrific Trucks

      Terrific Trucks is a live action series that features REAL trucks in a REAL world setting as they figure out the best way to tackle tough projects and simple everyday problems. Routed in problem-solving, each episodes follows the trucks from their morning meeting at their construction site homebase to actually doing the work on site and then home again for a wash-up and a recap of the lesson learned. With all the digging, lifting, and loading, Terrific Trucks is an active celebration of teamwork. The trucks come in all shapes and sizes with big personalities; there’s Tork the Dump Truck, Sparky the Front-end Loader, Dug the Excavator, Stotz the Semi and Blinker the Scooper.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Terrific Trucks at Common Sense Media

    • The Chica Show

      The Chica Show

      The Chica Show follows the playful experiences of Chica the Chick and Kelly. Set in a colorful, quirky shop known as "The Costume Coop, " Chica and her friends embark on all kinds of dress-up adventures. The show emphasizes the importance of creative and constructive play and provides viewers with intrinsically motivating, hands-on learning. The play modeled in The Chica Show features two aspects critical to creativity: the ability to transfer ways of solving problems among seemingly unrelated situations and the willingness to take risks and learn from failure. Each episode also fosters children’s interpersonal skills and coping strategies.

      age 3+

      Learn more about The Chica Show at Common Sense Media

    • The Good Night Show

      The Good Night Show

      The Good Night Show aims to help wind down your child after a busy day with songs, stretches, and storytelling. Nina and Star explore calming, age-appropriate topics using Spanish, sign language and sand art. Songs featuring bedtime routines such as cleaning up and brushing teeth are featured at the same time each night.

      age 2+

      Learn more about The Good Night Show at Common Sense Media

    • The Ollie and Moon Show

      The Ollie and Moon Show

      Ollie and Moon are two cats who couldn’t be more different. Ollie is practical and straight-laced while Moon is carefree and happy-go-lucky, but that doesn’t stop them from being best friends! Ollie and Moon have a knack for turning everyday situations into crazy globetrotting adventures, because why wouldn’t you go to London to get rid of a lose tooth? Each episode takes them to a new country, where they learn to celebrate the differences in each other and in the big wide world they discover.

      age 5+

      Learn more about The Ollie and Moon Show at Common Sense Media

    • Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

      Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

      The world’s most popular children’s band, The Wiggles, sing and dance to all of your favorite nursery rhymes. The colorful group, joined by their animal mascots, entertain, engage and educate preschool kids with their tunes. The Australian-based crew delivers energetic, exciting performances using upbeat tunes to teach lessons and concepts that parents love for their children to learn.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Ready, Steady, Wiggle! at Common Sense Media

    • Topsy and Tim

      Topsy and Tim

      Based on the beloved series of children’s books written by Jean and Gareth Adamson, Topsy and Tim follows two twins as they take on new adventures for the first time. The live-action show empowers children, while teaching them how to handle big changes like moving houses and starting school.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Topsy and Tim at Common Sense Media

    • YaYa & Zouk

      YaYa & Zouk

      YaYa and Zouk is a playful series, based on the pleasure of blending everyday life with the imaginary. With an active mother, a curious baby, and funny stuffed animals, a big sister named YaYa and her young brother, Zouk, delight in traveling to zany imaginary worlds. Whether it’s through a mirror, borrowing a spaceship, or simply diving into the forest located at the back of the closet, YaYa and Zouk live the pleasure of being two, and being together.

      age 3+

      Learn more about YaYa & Zouk at Common Sense Media

    • Zerby Derby

      Zerby Derby

      Zerby Derby follows the lives of pint-sized cars who live and play in a real-life-sized forest. The series presents processes of scientific inquiry and technological problem solving. Viewers also learn about physical science concepts and see positive attitudes towards learning, particularly curiosity and perseverance. Each episode makes valuable educational connections to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

      age 4+

      Learn more about Zerby Derby at Common Sense Media

    • Zou


      The series follows the life of Zou, a young zebra who lives with his family in a very large zebra house. The series empowers children to actively observe the processes of scientific inquiry and technological problem solving. It also teaches kids about physical science and positive attitudes towards learning. Each episode focuses on themes such as exploring new environments, growing up, and fostering interpersonal relationships. As young viewers immerse themselves in Zou’s adventures, they will also have the opportunity to push their own limits of exploration and inquiry.

      age 3+

      Learn more about Zou at Common Sense Media